2015 New York Central Park

ELENA BROWERYOGA TEACHER   « We practice peace by receiving our breathing, and by seeing the highest being in ourselves and others. Together, may we continue to connect and cultivate peace.»   « The power and beauty of the evening was truly epic and possibly life changing. » «We were honored to take the stage and watch the crowd open … Read More

2015 Toronto Fort York

LISA MESSINAYOGA TEACHER   « Peace is a state of being. It begins witha call from the heart to turn toward whateveris present and meet it with kindness. » DAN MANGANSINGER AND MUSICIANS   « Playing to some zen’d out yogis under thesun was a lovely way to start the day. It was a vibrational get-together.»   « Everyone was moving together in … Read More

2015 Montreal Old Port

DAWN MAURICIOYOGA TEACHER   « Peace comes when our hearts are openlike the sky and as vast as the ocean. » FAITH HUNTERYOGA TEACHER   « Our hearts create a continuous flow of peaceand harmony that has the ability to transform a community. » MILK & BONESINGER AND MUSICIANS   « Everyone was moving together in unison, wearing the same … Read More

2015 Paris

              More details   More details A big thank you to all our partners of the Lolë White Tour in Paris and … Namaste!