We are proud to have Beyries to perform at the Lolë White tour Montreal & Toronto.
Schedules may change. They will be confirmed to all participating yogis a week before the event. Here are the schedules:

Toronto :
6:15pm – Participants’ arrival and sponsor activation
8:30pm – Meditation
8:45pm – Yoga session
10:00pm – Beyries music show

Montréal Matinee:
8:00am – Participants’ arrival and sponsor activation
10:00am – Yoga session
11:15am – Meditation
11:30am– Beyries music show

Montréal Evening:
3:00pm – Participants’ arrival and sponsor activation
4:30pm – Yoga session
5:45pm – Meditation
6:00pm – Beyries music show

Here is a typical event schedule:

– Participants’ arrival : 75 to 90 minutes
– Yoga session: 60 to 75 minutes
– Cool down, discussion, site visit: 60 to 75 minutes

For more information on how to become a volunteer, visit

For more information on how to become a yoga teacher volunteer, visit

The yoga mat provided to each participant is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It does not emit any odours and is very light-weight. It is made of a Polymer Environmental Resin (PER). To care for your mat, simply clean it with water.


The Montreal and Toronto events are the official stops on the 2017 Lolë White Tour.

LOLË WIHITE TOUR ON THE ROAD is a series of more intimate yoga events organized by Lolë communities.

For its second year, the Lolë White Tour On the Road will take place in over 50 cities across the world, in the heart of your communities on June 14.

On June 14, around 50 events will be held across the world in honour of International Yoga Day. Moreover, the Lolë White Tour On the Road will stop in Tremblant on June 10, in Val d’Or on June 17, in Vancouver on July 1 and in St-Hyacinthe on August 26. Visit our website for all the details: www.lolewhitetour.com
Check out the event roster on our website: www.lolewhitetour.com
For most of the events, the ticket price is $19.50. For this price, you’ll also receive a Lolë yoga mat, a gift bag and a $15 Lolë promo card.
Schedules for each event differ. Visit our website to see the list of events by location.www.lolewhitetour.com
Instructors for each event will differ. Visit our website to see the list of instructors by event.
Events are organized by our Lolë stores in each Lolë community. Drop in at a participating Lolë store and talk directly to store personnel.
The yoga mat provided to each participant is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It does not emit any odours and is very light-weight. It is made of a Polymer Environmental Resin (PER). To care for your mat, simply clean it with water.
Given the number of participants expected, we recommend to arrive on site early already dressed in white yoga wear. Also, we are sure that you’ll feel proud when you meet other people dressed in white in the street.
Sign up for the waiting list. If spots become available, the first people on the waiting list will have priority and will automatically receive an email.
The event will take place rain or shine. We are all exceptional, so no excuses! Should extreme weather conditions occur that could cause significant delays or changes to scheduling, we’ll let you know 48 hours prior to the event. We suggest you bring along a lightweight cardigan or rain jacket, just to be safe.


Travel light! A water bottle and a light white cover-up is all you need to be prepared for the yoga session.
– We will provide you with a yoga mat.
– Remember to bring your ticket: you can show it to us on your mobile device and you can print it.
– In case of rain, consider bringing a light white jacket or a white rain poncho.
– Please feel free to use your phone (on silent mode) to share the love and peace of this very special yoga session: #lolewhite.
– Money in case you would like to buy a souvenir or food.
– Remember to dress all in white as a symbol of peace.
As the Lolë White Tour is dedicated to peace, wearing white is more than a dress code; it’s a statement and a tribute to peace. The stunning visual effect alone will be worth the effort! Neutral, preferably light coloured pants are acceptable and a white top is mandatory.

Check out our white yoga items!

In addition to being a symbol of peace, white is the colour for summer! Extremely refreshing, it’s a classic for the warmer months. This trend renews itself annually so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding items at a store near you.

Lolë offers inspiration that will make you feel like you are at your best! Shop on our website or in store to learn about the latest trends.

If you are missing a few items to complete your look, don’t hesitate to come by our on-site pop-up store during the event.

Although there will be washrooms on the premises, due to the high number of participants, we don’t recommend you to use them to get changed and would kindly ask that you arrive already dressed in your yogawear. Plus, it will be a great deal of fun to see participants walking around town wearing all white as a badge of honour!
You can bring your umbrella, but to not block the view of other yogis during the yoga session, they are not allowed during the session.
We encourage participants to snap images of the Lolë White Tour. Share your photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and spread the Lolë love: #lolewhite. Don’t forget to put your phone on silence mode.
Besides non-alcoholic beverages, bringing outside food and drinks is prohibited; however, food and drinks can be purchased on-site.
We’re sorry, but dogs are not admitted on the premises.


Unfortunately, no. Since the session is non-refundable, participants who cannot attend the event are free to give away their tickets to friends or family.
Unfortunately, some areas will be restricted to the lucky holders of a registration ticket. But all yoga levels are welcome, so why not buy a ticket and give yoga a try at the Lolë White Tour.
One yoga mat amounts to one ticket sale. Consequently, if parents want their children to have their own yoga mat, they will have to buy one for them. However, if parents don’t mind sharing their mat, children can go to the event for free.
One week before the event, we will assign you to an arrival time. It might not be the same as your friend because different arrival times were given to participants to avoid long lineups at the entrance.
You can change your information directly on Eventbrite.
If it has been more than a day since your pruchased your tickets on Eventbrite and haven’t received an email from eventbrite with your ticket in an attached file, please contact our customer service at customerservice@coalision.com


Your ticket for the Lolë White Tour is a final sale and it is non-refundable. It may, however, be given to someone you know.
The event will take place rain or shine, so no excuses! Should the forecast call for extreme weather conditions that could cause major delays or changes, we’ll let you know within 48 hours of the event. You might want to have a light white jacket or a rain poncho ready just in case!


Smoking is prohibited on the site.
We created this event to bring people together: all participants are welcome, no matter their level of expertise! The Lolë White Tour is actually the ideal opportunity to try yoga for the first time.
Yes. Many volunteer yoga instructors will be present during the session, and each of them will be assigned a zone and a predetermined number of participants. They will be responsible for supervising participants and correcting their movements. Once you have settled on your yoga mat, we suggest that you find the yoga instructor assigned to your area and let him or her know that you are expecting. This way the movements can be adapted to suit your needs. That being said, we recommend that you consult your physician and acquire their consent before the session.
We do not impose any age restrictions. In order to enjoy the Lolë White Tour experience, you just need to be able to sit, bend, stand up and relax for 90 minutes!